Cardano, Shiba Inu & Bitcoin – American Wrap 21 February

Cardano price action has recently achieved (and developing) some historical behaviors not seen in any of the top ten market cap cryptocurrencies – or nearly the entire altcoin space. Nevertheless, a slow bleed off of value continues, with little sign of it abating until the very end of February 2022

Bitcoin jumps on the perfect technical bounce and positive signals out of Ukraine

Bitcoin (BTC) price was on the back foot over the weekend as, together with other cryptocurrencies, it was the only asset tradable on headlines and news coming out of Ukraine and Russia. As the headlines were not favourable, BTC shed some market value and slipped below $40,000. But following the announcement in the early hours of today, of a new summit between Putin and Biden, markets jumped, as it showed there is still room to talk and a diplomatic solution. Now BTC looks ready to book around 10% gains in the coming trading day.. 

Shiba Inu firms up support before SHIBA tests a breakout above $0.000030

Shiba Inu price faced the same selling pressure experienced by the broader cryptocurrency market this past weekend. Sellers have been in clear control of this market since February 17 and tested the final Ichimoku support level at the bottom of the Cloud (Senkou Span A) but failed to push SHIBA below it.