Cryptocurrency Deal Turns Into 2cr Dacoity | Surat News

Surat: The hoax call about an alleged armed robbery at angadia firm opposite Varachha police station that led the police into a wild goose chase on Friday afternoon finally turned out to be a huge case of dacoity worth Rs 2 crore late on Saturday night.
While it had all happened right under the police’s nose, the entire episode got too confusing sans any complaints filed leading cops about to close the case as a hoax call. However, a Hyderabad-based victim emerged at the police station to file a complaint of dacoity.
The emergence of the victim, an auto parts businessman, cleared the picture after the pieces fit like a jig-saw puzzle, even as cops could not find a complainant then at the spot that day. Based on his complaint, Varachha police registered an offence of dacoity (IPC 395) against Pintoo Kumar Jha, Amit, Suman Singh, Madhukar, Rakesh, Raju, Vicky, Shahrukh and some other people.
According to the case details, Vinay Jain (29), a resident of Film Nagar in Hyderabad told the Varachha police that he had come to the city to invest in cryptocurrency after being lured by the accused, but instead got looted of Rs 2 crore.
“Around two months ago, Jain came in contact with one Lakshminarayan in Hyderabad who deals in cryptocurrency. Lakshminarayan lured Jain to invest in crypto for better returns, and after he agreed, introduced him to P K Jha.
After a few meetings with Jha in Hyderabad, Jain along with his brother Aakash, Lakhminarayan and driver Shinu drove down to Surat in his father’s Fortuner car on February 3. Before embarking on their Surat journey, Jain deposited Rs 6 crore in an angadia firm there which he later collected in Surat. Jain claimed he had collected the amount from his relatives to invest in crypto,” said the police.
The next day, Vinay Jain along with the three others reached the angadia firm named ‘Shree Siddhi Vinayak Enterprise’ located at Central Bazar in Varachha with Rs 2 crore to open his crypto account. Jha took the cash amount from Jain, but the money did not get transferred in Jain’s account for a long time.
In the meantime, Jha prepared to leave the place with the cash, when Jain asked him to wait till the account showed his money.
This started an altercation when around eight other people joined him and started to thrash Jain and others before disappearing with the amount before cops reached the scene.
“It was a pre plan by the accused to beat them up and steal the cash. Jain and the other three left the city after the incident and reached Mumbai. However, they decided to file a police complaint and returned again to Surat on Saturday and filed a complaint,” cops added.