Deep Web Facilitator Tor Received 841% Higher Crypto Donations in 2021

As the adoption of cryptocurrencies is growing, with every passing day we are also observing its increased use for multiple purposes. From buying and selling essentials, merchandise, auctions, and movie tickets and now for fundraising as well. 

The Rise in Crypto Donations

Every year in December the Tor Project conducts a fundraiser for the growth of the organization and to support its vision of creating a surveillance-free internet platform.

While in 2020, contributors managed to raise about $376k, last year the same figure shot up to $940,361. This as per Tor is a 150% Year on Year increase. 

Now out of this $940k, almost 58% of it came in the form of cryptocurrencies. This 58% accounts for about $548k. When compared to the amount of donations that came as cryptocurrencies in 2020 (about $58.3k) 2021 marked an 841% increase.

Although not so surprisingly, about 68% of all cryptocurrency donations came as Bitcoin. Another 28% contribution was in the form of Ethereum, while DAI and Monero made up for 2% and 1% of the contributions respectively. 

Appreciating the community for their donations, Tor said,

“Let’s start with the basics—first being THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to this campaign! You helped raise more for privacy online than we dreamed possible, and we’re extremely grateful for your trust and support.”

Crypto and Tor

Cryptocurrencies and Tor share a very similar motive and ideal but simply differ on the basis of operation.

While Tor wants an anti-censorship, anti surveilling internet for everyone, the existence of cryptocurrencies is aimed towards establishing a decentralized, censorship-free, uncontrolled form of currency to provide financial freedom to everyone. 

And while Tor has been relatively free of attacks from the government, crypto hasn’t. From financial regulations to partial and blanket bans, to even being called haram, this industry went through a lot recently. 

Regardless the crypto market managed to rise significantly as the overall crypto market cap rose by 199.27% which translates to approximately $1.45 Trillion. Thus, clearly both Tor and crypto have a long way ahead.