Minim links Wi-Fi registration to the blockchain

MANCHESTER, NH – Minim, Inc., (NASDAQ: MINM), the creator of intelligent WiFi software and Motorola home networking products under an exclusive global brand license, today announces a patent-pending method of registering and encrypting a user’s unique local area network (LAN) and user data in a blockchain ledger and making it accessible via a user wallet. Minim’s method of network registration and data storage provides features such as a users’ ability to independently manage, share, and even monetize WiFi network access and their data through cryptocurrency microtransactions within the Minim mobile app.

“With the ultra-high bandwidth applications on the horizon, including Metaverse experiences, we believe there will be incredible value in a consumer’s connection data and WiFi network credentials,” said Alec Rooney, Minim Chief Technology Officer. “Our patent-pending approach to network registration in the blockchain is an exciting opportunity to provide users with a platform to establish ownership and security of their networking data, as well as leverage its value.”

Minim’s patent-pending approach fits within its intuitive and seamless device onboarding experience: Using the Minim mobile app, a customer simply scans the WiFi system’s QR code and is guided to set up a network in minutes. Behind the scenes, the network is registered to the user’s blockchain wallet and encrypted to the blockchain ledger.

This pending patent expands on US Patent No. 11,050,631: System and Method for Onboarding in a Wi-Fi Mesh Network (issued as) and published US patent application US2019/0306182A1: System and Method for Device Context and Device Security (pending). Together, these outline fundamental approaches to intelligent WiFi by establishing an onboarding process and network security framework that is streamlined and safe. The company employs these methods as the foundation for features such as network health scores, automated malware blocking, new device alerts, and more in its mobile and web applications for consumers, businesses, and service providers.