Solana Community Says Why Bitgert Can Be a Competitor, Cardano, Litecoin, Centcex, Matic, Avalanche Price Skyrocketing

Solana Community Says Why Bitgert Can Be a Competitor, Cardano, Litecoin, Centcex, Matic, Avalanche Price Skyrocketing


February 7, 2022

The growth of a crypto project is determined by several factors, but the competitiveness in the industry is the biggest one. With so many cryptocurrencies in the market, a new crypto project needs to provide utilities that will challenge the established ones to grow faster. That’s what Bitgert is doing. It has been said to be the Solana killer, and even the Solana community says it could be the biggest competitor. Below is more about these cryptocurrencies’ performances in the market:



The past few days have seen a surging number of crypto community members from large cryptocurrencies joining Bitgert. That’s why it is skyrocketing. The news about the start of the zero gas fee Bitgert blockchain testnet has made more investors buy the coin. Among the crypto investors that are joining Bitgert is the Solana community. This is because of the increasing number of products. The team is currently in the tail-end development of the CEX. The Bitgert metaverse and PayBrise are new products the team introduced recently. These products might make Bitgert the tough Solana competitor and bullish.



Centcex has been bullish before, but the current bull market condition is proving the potential that this cryptocurrency has. With the Centcex coin producing one of the best growth in many weeks, the project has proven that the expected bull run might be a huge explosion. The biggest attraction of the Centcex project is the utilities and an unequaled staking reward. The team has committed to launching an unlimited number of products for the network. This means huge revenue for the stakes, which is one of the reasons Centcex is bullish today. With the launch of the CEX being developed, Centcex might start the bull run.



The Solana crypto investors say that Bitgert might be a competitor because of the products the Bitgert team plans to deliver. Solana is the fastest blockchain in the crypto industry today, but Bitgert is also delivering a faster blockchain. Bitgert will Relay Chain and Parachain technologies that will make it faster like Solana. But Solana charges for gas, while Bitgert blockchain will be gas free. However, Solana is still one of the best performers today, with an impressive gain in the last week. As the fastest blockchain, SOL is still among the best coins of 2022.



The Cardano investors must be very happy this week because of the gains the coin has made. Cardano is among the best performers in the market at the time of writing, with the coin still green and growing stronger. The market is working for the Cardano, but there is also a lot the team is working on that is making ADA perform well. The continued improvements of the network and the upcoming Hydra protocol upgrade are making the Cardano price to skyrocket. With the upgrade expected to make Cardano the fastest blockchain, more crypto investors are buying the token.



The bullish Litecoin was expected, although the bull market has helped the cryptocurrency grow bigger. Immediately the Litecoin team launched the MWEB, one of the biggest platform upgrades, it was expected the coin price might start surging. The Litecoin protocol upgrade is expected to make the network secure, more scalable, and fungible. This, plus many other developments around this project, are making the coin price skyrocket. As of this writing, Litecoin had increased 21% in one week. That’s how bullish LTC has been in the market lately.



Jumping 14% in a few days is not a small thing. That the increase that Matic has recorded over the last few days or since the bull market started at the end of the first week of Feb. Matic has been performing well even during the price crashes. In fact, Matic remains one of the cryptocurrencies that make fast recovery immediately the market goes green. With the market appearing to stabilize, Matic might be one of the busy performers of the day. Matic is still mooning as of this writing, with the market looking green, it might do even better.



Another skyrocketing cryptocurrency today is Avalanche. It is one of the few crypto coins that have posted over 25% gains in a week. Avalanche increased 25.44% in the past 7 days as of this writing. In the past 24 hours, AVAX had increased by 7.3%, making it one of the skyrocketing cryptocurrencies. There is also a growing number of new investors joining Avalanche to develop and launch projects. This means there is an increasing demand for the Avalanche coin, which is one of the major factors driving the skyrocketing Avalanche. Therefore, it remains among the top crypto coins to consider.

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