The Bark and Meow Battle Continues

Shiba vs Catcoin, the battle between the cats and dogs of the crypto market seems to have no end

The year 2021, in retrospect, was delivered to be the most significant year for meme coins. Earlier, the crypto market primarily contained major players like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and others. But the emergence of new altcoins has entirely changed the crypto market algorithms, leading to the fall and rise of several cryptocurrencies. Coming to the emergence of meme coins, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are part of the first arriving meme coin community. Both meme coins were inspired by dog memes that took the internet by storm. And currently, SHIB and DOGE are the biggest rivals in the market. Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, both, rose significantly in 2021. After its massive surge, the meme coin market changed drastically, where investors were seen rooting for volatile meme coins to become long-term investments. Now, we have in our hands the emergence of cat coins. These cat meme-inspired coins are taking the internet by storm and posing heavy threats to these dog-inspired meme coins. Currently, the most talked-about crypto is between Shiba Inu and Catcoin. After Dogecoin, this Shiba Inu vs. Catcoin battle has attracted investors’ attention and has been making headlines constantly for the past couple of months. 

Even though Catcoin is a relatively new cryptocurrency in the market, this cat meme-inspired crypto is winning the hearts of millions of cat-loving investors. Miaoshi Nekomoto created this crypto with the aim to create a large ecosystem of cat lovers. Currently, the CATS token has proven itself to be a huge competitor against DOGE and SHIB. Some crypto investment experts are even saying that the future of the crypto market will be mostly run by cat coins, resulting in an end to the era of dog coins. The battle of Shiba Inu vs. Catcoin has taken several turns in the past couple of months. Let us dive deep into the market movements of each coin and get to know them better.



Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is a popular memecoin inspired by a dog meme. Initially, it was created as an experiment in building a spontaneous decentralized community, that turned out to be one of Dogecoin’s biggest rivals, with the support of a growing community of loyal followers. The creator of Shiba Inu also launched ShibaSwap, following the launch of the crypto. ShibaSwap provides access to a range of cryptocurrencies and also provides a platform for users to stake their SHIB tokens to gain crypto rewards. 

In October 2021, SHIB rose to new highs, briefly overtaking Dogecoin, establishing itself as a long-term player in the crypto space. Although the SHIB project is still comparatively at its initial stages, currently there are more than 1 million SHIB users in the world. Shiboshi NFTs have also been recently launched on the ShibaSwap platform. Moreover, SHIB is slowly, but steadily, becoming a part of the legal modes of payments for goods and services. So, it is quite evident that with this rising popularity of SHIB, the battle of Shiba Inu vs. Catcoin might turn gruesome in the future.



Coming to Catcoin, it is being considered to be the best memecoin investment option in 2022, due to its stunning performance capability and exciting features. CATS is the first crypto-related project to offer live streams on Twitch, allowing the community to share their thoughts on Catcoin at any time. Within this short period of time, the token has made its place in one of the top crypto exchanges in the market, PancakeSwap. The exchange is also allowing investors to convert Bitcoin to CATS. 

In addition to all these, the crypto can be used to develop applications that provide the community with various tools and can simplify the crypto world for new investors approaching the market. The creators believe that Catcoin is not just a token, it is a revolution in itself. Catcoin has big goals for 2022, aiming to provide the best services to its community rather than spending loads of money on promotion tactics. CATS mostly values transparency in its community. The users can hold CATS tokens, track their reflections, and calculate if they are all ready to use their reflection. 

Its goal of 2022 is to build a robust community that will continue to develop the Catnip platform, which will be an encrypted, anonymous platform using blockchain technology to create a secured identity, allowing its users to use the platform anywhere and send CATS tokens from anywhere to anywhere, as a secondary function.


Bottom line, What will be the outcome of this battle between Cats and Dogs?

Well, it’s quite obvious that Catcoin is relatively newer in the market than Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, or any other popular meme coin that has currently gained traction. But CATS has grown immensely over the past couple of months, since its inception due to changes in investor preference and expectation. SHIB and DOGE have been moving under the radar for a very long time now. Probably, investors wish to see something new, experience growth in 2022, that is why they are investing and trading CATS token quite more than often. But it is crucial that they remain careful, and conduct thorough research before investing in Catcoin since it is extremely volatile at this time. But one phenomenon that is quite clear is that this war between Shiba Inu vs. Catcoin will definitely grow over time. 

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