A Closer Look at Speake-Marin’s New “Ripples” Watch

The luxury sports timepieces containing integrated bracelets are increasingly becoming the hottest watches category for appreciating elegance and class. Numerous brands creating watches respond to the market’s insatiable demand to satisfy their customers. Among the latest creations that have hit the market and left consumers mesmerized is the Speake-Marin’s New Ripples Watch. This watch is a designer automatic driven model by micro-rotor movement, developed by Swiss Speake-Marin’s creative designing studio. This company was established by an English watchmaker Peter Speake-Marin in 2002 and had released a couple of expensive Ripple models made of steel. This article is a guide on the Speake-Marin’s New Ripple’s watch. The new sport-chic Speake-Marin’s New Ripple’s watch is a lengthy research work done by the company’s expert team to change the brand image and inked it among the most incredible watchmaking industry. According to Speake-Martin, each component, designing movement, decorations, dials, hands, counters surface, and finishing used in this watch has been developed to ensure that this watch has the beat and unique outline to provide the wearer with performant and elegance. Speake-Marin draws inspiration to create the Ripple model from modern art, cities, architecture, or nature. The company also pays so much attention to preserving the British heritage, which is included in the watch hand shapes and unique case called “La City.”


The case of the Speake-Marin’s New Ripples Watch is inspired by the architectural design of the City of London. The famous Financial District sits one square mile in the middle of the state capital city. It draws the attention of the brand representation of English roots. However, it would help if you didn’t confuse it with the surrounding Greater London that lodges on 607-square miles. From the view of the City of London, you can picture a couple of modern architectural designs that sit pompously next to renowned historical listed structures. Contemporary historical buildings showcased include The Gherkin, Lloyds Building, and Leadenhall Building, which have beautified the capital with their steel and glass structural design. They also have the juxtaposition of straight lines and curved shapes.

All these features have been captured on this Speake-Marin’s New Ripples Watch stainless-steel case called “La City “takes design cues. The case measures 40.3 mm. In essence, the Speake-Marin’s New Ripples Watch case and bezel are designed in a square shape. However, the bezel is rounded off around its corner parts. The lug’s flanks are stylishly curved outwardly, and you can notice it when you view it from the right side of the case band, where it appears, forming a crowded guard. The edge of this watch case and bezel is polished beveling. On the other hand, the lugs contrast with the vertical scrubbing found on the surface. According to Watchonista, the lugs have been faceted to give the watch a further geometric touch that balances the linear and the curved.

The eye-catching Dial

Speake-Marin’s may have departed from its traditional drum-like Piccadilly, which featured in its previous watches when they designed the Ripples case. That was the beginning of surprising changes they made with the modern era’s new design designer watches. What they have done with the watch dial is a master class that has never been seen anywhere else or on the brand’s watches. Ripple’s name was established from the big-heartedly sized slate gray dial part. It features a unique pattern of three-dimensional brushed waves running horizontally, which reflect light when it hits the surface to a greater or lesser degree when the watch wearer turns it. The dial plate is eye-catching, and it evokes River Thames ripples bordering the City of London. When you look at the watch baton hour, it looks like the barges and boats that usually sail through the river waterway up and down. Ripple designers have indicated this watch central hours and minutes through a polished, rhodium-plated hand. The hour hand resembles a heart shape, a signature representation of Speake-Martin. Another noticeable signature feature of this watch brand is the minor second sub-dial fitted between 1 and 2 o’clock.

The Movement Part

Powering the indications of Speake-Marin’s New Ripples Watch is a finely efficient movement. It has been created to function automatically with an integrated micro-rotor. According to Monochrome, this SMA03-T (T-Tradition) movement is developed by Speake-Marins internal R&D studio department based at Le Cercle des Horlogers across Neuchâtel. The originality of this movement part that measures 30 mm lies on the small second eccentric display area. Speake-Marin’s use of a fully integrated micro-rotor lets the movement remain 3.9 mm in height. This provides the watch wearer an unimpeded view of the watch’s intricacies.

The SMA03-T is designed with four bridges which are adorned with stripes and stunning hand-beveled jewel sinks and angles. Besides the automatic feature, the SMA03-T contains a 52-hour power reserve that keeps the Ripple functional and dependable to the wearer daily as the watch beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour. Like the other parts representing English Tradition like the Guildhall, Bank of England, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and other modern structures, the SMA03-T movement features diverse aspects of time-honored and decorative finishes such as beveling, perlage, and sun-blushing. They look attractive, and you can admire them when you look through this watch’s transparent case back display.

Availability and Pricing

Speake-Martin released the Speake-Marin’s New Ripples Watch in one version only. It is available in a monochrome gray colorway for this integrated stainless-steel bracelet fitted with a double folding clasp. These watches were produced in a limited edition that retails for CHF 19 900 before taxes. You can find more about this Ripple watch by visiting the Speake-Martin website.

Final Verdict

Speake-Marin’s New Ripples Watch came with an excellent case shape that looks amazing. The watch crown is done stylishly with an integrated bracelet that alternates brushed and polished surfaces. This timepiece secures its emblazoned closing link and concealed folding clasp with the Speake-Martin topping logo to the wearer’s wrist. The price may scare you, but it is in line with the expectation coming from independent designer watchmakers.