Cryptocurrency explained: A to Z of decrypting cryptocurrencies | Personal Finance | Finance

IYKYK – A common acronym in pop culture, meaning ‘If You Know You Know’ is used to connote that an asset will rise in value but most investors aren’t aware of it yet.

JPOW – Short for Jerome Powell, the chair of the Federal Reserve, who earned himself an iconic following amongst traders through his efforts to keep the stock market trending upward during the pandemic. 

Keys – Keys are a functionality of crypto, with public keys working like email addresses while private keys act as a password. TradingView highlighted that common phishing scams will try to get private keys but investors should “never share yours with anyone!”. 

Lambo – Short for Lamborghini, is usually used in the phrase ‘wen lambo?’ which questions an investors time line for success. It arose as the type of car many crypto investors would like to buy when their assets skyrocket in value. 

Moon – TradingView noted this is an incredibly common phrase, symbolising a successful cryptocurrency that has skyrocketing value.

NGMI – An acronym for ‘Not Going to Make It’, NGMI is often used ironically to highlight a bad decision.