Matic and Litecoin Remain Stable, Bitgert Price Growing Exponentially


April 25, 2022

The whole of the crypto market is crashing, with most crypto coins pulling back over the past few days. After some weeks of great performance that made many believe it was heading to $50k, Bitcoin has dropped to trade below 38k. Other large cryptocurrencies affected by the crashing market are Matic and Litecoin, though they have been a bit stable.

But Bitgert (BRISE) has been among the very few cryptocurrencies skyrocketing during the current bear market. The coin has been growing exponentially when a large number of coins have been falling. Read more about Bitgert and the other two coins here:



The Bitgert (BRISE) performance has outdone many cryptocurrencies in the industry, including the big boys. The biggest factors driving the Bitgert exponential growth have been the powerful blockchain and the fast-growing ecosystem. The Bitgert BRC20 chain is now the fastest blockchain after hitting 100k TPS and has the lowest gas fee at $0.0000000000001 every transaction. These are features fueling the rapid Bitgert chain adoption.

The Bitgert ecosystem is growing very fast, and this is attracting a lot of investors. There are many products the Bitgert team is building in the roadmap V2 and hundreds of projects to be added through the Bitgert Startup Studio. The fast-growing ecosystem means mass adoption, which is attracting thousands of investors. These are the reasons why Bitgert coin is growing exponentially.



Matic has been stable during this bear market. This is because Polygon MATIC has been the go-to crypto network for the longest time, especially for the Ethereum-based projects. The Polygon MATIC protocol was designed to help alleviate the limitations that Ethereum was struggling with. Matic provides a faster platform and cheaper gas fee platform for Ethereum-based projects. That’s one of the major reasons why Matic did so well in the market.

But Polygon MATIC team has also been building the project ecosystem by adding products and projects. As a web3 infrastructure, many web3 products and projects are being built on the chain. The Polygon Studios is also one of the reasons Matic is doing pretty well in the industry. But the Polygon MATIC projects might be surpassed by Bitgert because of the superior blockchain and a fast-growing ecosystem.



Litecoin has also been stable the past few days. This is because the Litecoin team has been making big moves in the industry, from the Litecoin Visa card to the fast-growing adoption of the LTC coin. The Litecoin platform provides one of the most solid digital or online payment protocols in the industry. But there is so much that the Litecoin team has been working on to make this coin remain stable.

The Litecoin MWEB protocol upgrade is one of the latest big developments. The upgrade is going to make the Litecoin platform transact faster, reduce the cost of transactions and also improve the protocol security. The protocol will be running on the Binance chain. But Litecoin will have tough competition from Bitgert, which is developing a powerful P2P payment system.

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