PLC Ultima grew by 100 mln % in 5 months – here’s what you need to know

PLCU coin has evolved out of Platincoin infrastructure, which originated from Switzerland 5 years ago. Since then, the team has created over 10 innovative crypto-products. Its crypto community has exceeded 1,000,000 users, spanning 120 countries and continues to grow. As a result of the best technological developments over the years, PLCU was created.

One of the things that makes PLCU unique is that it has a deliberate growth strategy. First, PLCU enters new, bigger crypto exchanges, with each exchange expanding the community, increasing its capitalization, increasing its reach. As a result, PLCU becomes more prominent and, of course, more popular. Secondly, PLCU already has a functioning ecosystem, making its use easier.

Technology (for technology connoisseurs)

The PLC Ultima blockchain leverages Litecoin’s blockchain technology. It is characterized by network stability, transparency, and high transaction speed using the Segregated Witness protocol. The key parameters of the network are as follows: Premine: 500,000 PLCU, Burned: 450,000 PLCU, Coin Supply: 50,000 PLCU. Consensus method: proof of work with regulated complexity (recalculation of complexity every 2016 blocks). Block size: 4 Mb, frequency: 1 block every 1.5 minutes. It uses the same hashing algorithm as Bitcoin and Monero: CryptoNight. PLC Ultima developers have greatly expanded the functionality of Litecoin’s blockchain while increasing its scope of applicability.

PLCU can be purchased on many cryptocurrency exchanges, and it also uses its own technology to generate coins – minting. It is an energy-efficient alternative to mining. A user can buy an Ultima Minter digital certificate and freeze a certain amount of their existing PLCU coins during a specified period of time to receive new PLCU coins. A smart contract between PLC Ultima and the user ensures that, if all conditions are met, the coins will be deposited into the user’s wallet. The contract is permanently stored in the blockchain and can be viewed anytime. In addition to this contract, there is an Ultima Wallet and the Ultima Farm smartphone app, where you can perform the minting process right on the smartphone from anywhere. No special equipment is needed.