Top 10 Cryptocurrencies in Online Casinos


April 22, 2022

Before you choose the best paying game, here is a quick rundown on the best cryptocurrencies

The online gambling world is witnessing another revolution with the introduction of the cryptocurrencies. New terms like cryptocurrency casinos, bitcoin casinos, and such are getting famous. Providing flexible payment options has always been integral for the casino industry. We have seen additions of e-wallets, credit cards, banks, western union, and now the digital currency. Therefore, it has become pivotal to find the best ones for gambling.

Players worldwide are often looking for the best paying online casinos. These platforms often incorporate various options to deposit, bonuses and rewards. Some even offer cryptocurrencies and that’s what makes them worthwhile. So, before you choose the best paying game, here is a quick rundown on the cryptos:



There’s barely anyone who wouldn’t know about Bitcoin. It is among the top popular cryptocurrencies that bring you an array of benefits. What makes it worth adding to the iGaming industry? For starters, BTC is continually growing in value. It was supposed to burst two times by now, but it is still growing. This goes to show us the value.

Using bitcoin in online casinos has many benefits: availability, liquidity and anonymity. This is why many casinos such as Captain Cook Casino are working to introduce bitcoin as a payment method. It also allows the casino to improve its security performance, which customers like.


Bitcoin Cash

Just like Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash is also continually growing. There isn’t much difference except for BTC having 1 MB infrastructure, while Bitcoin Cash has 8 MB. Therefore, it can store more data. More importantly, with the increasing transfer cost for Bitcoin, this one brings you a more stable option for the online transfer of funds. Therefore, you won’t get excessive charges, not more than what you win.

Almost every Bitcoin casino also seemingly supports Bitcoin Cash without any need for separate support.



Ethereum is the best cryptocurrency for the online casino because it allows them to use it in app development. What does that mean? There are many Blockchain games and NFT games that utilize Ethereum. If you seek to thrive with viable investment, it could be a valuable asset.

It often comes second to BTC and has grown tremendously in value. Therefore, it is only ideal to have it on the listing. Especially since with it you can make even $5 deposit casino Canada. This will definitely help you better learn online casino games and play successfully. While many crypto games don’t have crypto payments, it does keep transactions and liquidation of funds easier.



This one is among the top ten positions for various reasons. As the name suggests, it was designed to have a faster response for transfer. Litecoin makes it lighter on the systems to process it. More importantly, it takes less time and makes wagering much easier. As such, users have grown fond of the option.

Often even the best online casino games with cryptocurrency will support this one to keep things easier for you.



Dogecoin has become famous as a meme-based cryptocurrency. It wasn’t supposed to grow as exponentially as it did. Now that it is a community-based coin, it was only natural to integrate it into the casino. There aren’t many platforms that directly support it. But given the impressive reach and the fantastic reputation of the coin, it has grown into a remarkable addition. Let’s not forget that it is quite affordable when compared to other top options.



Dash is well-known as a version of BTC that is less-known but offers similar capabilities. It is high-performing, but comes with various irreversible securities, making it a great choice. While many crypto-casinos lack the integration of the Dash, it is only a matter of time. After all, it has taken a while for Canadian websites to add many of these to the option.



Tether is perhaps one of the most fluid currencies that have made it possible for people to make easy conversions. It is denoted as USDT and acquires the same value as the USD in the blockchain domain. Often, many transactions that take place in the blockchain rely on USDT for conversion. The flexibility and compatibility of USDT have made it one of the top options on the list.



AI in online casinos is gaining quite prominence for various reasons. The impact of AI is drastic and has redefined the iGaming competency. It keeps things challenging and better than the RNG. Similarly, we have Ripple in the market as an evolved and better version of others. However, it lacks the popularity and the appeal of other famous options.

Still, it makes for greater security and effortless payment benefits. While other payment methods would take long, it is borderline effortless with Ripple.

Binance Coin

Binance Coin

Online gamblers are growing fond of Binance coins for discounts when you use the app and the flexibility it offers. Binance is a DEX platform with its blockchain-based addition that comes with a unique ‘burn’ feature. This feature allows you to reduce the gas fee (also known as additional transfer cost). The holders of Binance also receive various benefits on the platform.



The last on the listing is indeed the least known option, yet it is quite a beneficial one. If you’re looking for impeccable security while gambling, Monero will be the cryptocurrency to seek. It has proof-of-work integrations that keep everything transparent and fair. Nothing can beat the unparalleled safety standards Monero has created in the crypto-casino universe.



This marks the end of the best options in the gambling industry. Features like decentralization, smart contracts, and low or no-fee transaction processing have made these quite a lucrative choice. Crypto gambling isn’t just another payment method, but it could become part of the NFT and blockchain gaming. Hence, entering a new frontier.


Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely the author’s opinion and not investment advice – it is provided for educational purposes only. By using this, you agree that the information does not constitute any investment or financial instructions. Do conduct your own research and reach out to financial advisors before making any investment decisions.

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